02 Nov 2017

November 2nd, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by cookie in vim

20 people in attendance, including: zurek, dolphin-phone, fedele, mind, kahrl, kessler, kami, presto, sphinx, vlad, hellbacon, themind, typo, cookie, jack, nacho

1:59 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

PLAN (We need more volunteers!)

  • PLAN is coming up next weekend 11/11-11/12

  • We urgently need people to run many tournaments as well as concessions and admissions

  • Tournaments are very easy to run and use an online score tracking system.

  • We will also need help with setup and tear down

  • If you are interested in volunteering please join the PLAN channel on Riot or talk to kahrl or Sgt. Sarcasm

  • PLAN meeting at 4 Friday

  • For more PLAN information click here

Power off at Parkveiw

  • Saturday morning between 8-11 the power at Parkveiw is being shut off to install the new transformer

  • Our server will be left in place while the power is out

  • This is a good opportunity for us to see how the server will react to being with out power for a couple hours

CEAS needs volunteers

  • The CEAS department reached out to kahrl about sending volunteers to help show some 5th graders around the Engineering college

  • They want us to talk about the college and what we have learned and done, to inspire them about STEM

  • The event is 9-12:30 11/7 (Tuesday)

  • Talk to kahrl if you are interested

Server progress

  • Open stack is now installed although not perfectly working yet

  • It is also using a control node and a compute node

  • It can spin off VM’s but the networking is broken on them

End of meeting talks

  • We are trying to bring back the end of meeting talks

  • If you are currently working on any computer related projects that would contain useful knowledge for please share

  • Talk to kahrl if you would like to sign up


  • A basic python programming class is opening next year if you will be around consider signing up

  • Vote on 5 dual four controller for plan this is $250

  • These prizes will be for rocket league , hearthstone , and magic the gathering

  • Vote Passed!