30 Nov 2017

November 30th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by cookie in vim

5 people in attendance, including: flay, kahrl, yillivs, fedele, taco, kami, zurek, tank, presto, kessler, hr

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

New Laptops

  • 5 new laptops donated to club that are better than what we had.
  • 4 of them were donated by Kahrl’s uncle and the other was donated by Kahrl
  • We will have to install them with new hard drives

Job Opportunities

  • Kenoah hills public school is hiring a System administrator
  • The information about this posting came from cheddar talk to him or click here for more information
  • Bob Coffman Security system installer as a student worker contact @ bob.coffman@wmich.edu
  • Matthew Page for a web development job managing Talk to learn leech about the position


  • Kevin Kahw a CS alumn is giving a few talks tomorrow
  • 11:45 what I learned at google
  • 3:00pm in the talk about job opportunity at google
  • If you are passionate about working at google or any cs passion and you feel you are up to the task go see him at the parkview room

New Server Communication Client

  • If you are interested in getting you CCNA certification we know have resources setup to help you practice
  • Drew and hellbacon setup a client access through ddwrt to access switches through your computer
  • Access gns3.cclub through the ddwrt-5G channel to use the program
  • This program can simulate cisco switches and routers
  • For any question ask hellbacon for more info and account information

Office and the Holidays

  • Next meeting is the last official meeting for the meeting will resume january 8th
  • The office will be available for use as long as the building is open so stop by to study(or not) for the exams

Office Access

  • Sphinx and Kahrl talked to the Director of public safety and their security expert
  • The later does the physical installation of the security on campus
  • They talk to him about about jacks automated swipe access their issue is that it would not directly comply with their lock-down procedure
  • We could get funding together from the university to get a hard swipe installed (Between $1000-$2000)
  • Sphinx would have control over permissions
  • We should really think about this as an option as it could danger our autonomy and possible our privacy of room access

Spring Book Buy

  • If there are any books that you would believe would help the club remind kahrl next semester