30 Aug 2018

August 30th, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by backbutton in vim

19 people in attendance, including: cookie, spacedog, skuld, shiranui, tank, drewr, hellbacon, tayarndt, presto, tyrna, karhl, tali, zurek, kami, caligula, smitty, bison, sphinx,

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall


  • spacedog is the new vp since dolphin couldnt attend this year

  • welcome to new people

  • we said thanks to everyone that helped with bronco bash, passport day, and room cleanup

  • we got a new standup and hanging banners(one each)


  • Is a local area network gaming party held at parkview(with prizes for tournament winners)

  • We need to decide on a date

  • We could use people to help setup or prepare for it on friday between 3 and 4

  • We could talk to esports club about coming to plan.

  • We should continue overwatch

  • We are open to talking about new games

  • We could possibly use Rainbow Six Siege as a game

  • We talked about doing a battle royale game

  • We will talk about doing fighting games

  • There is also a channel on riot to talk about plan

Appointed Positions

  • This includes system admin, web master, vp of ops, and monitors.

  • We are open on officers to those who are interested in this position.

Riot Accounts

  • All accounts that were active within five years have been renewed for 35 days

  • Annual dues are $10

  • Trial memberships are available for a 30 day period

  • The url to riot is this

  • If you want to set up a trial account, see HellBacon or another officer

Computing machines on loan

  • We can loan out some machines especially for CS 2230 and 3240

  • We are still figuring out colateral for loaning

  • Any ideas are welcome on the officers chat in riot

  • We have hardware to use if one has a project in mind, just let us know

Spreading the word

  • If you can, please talk to cs classes about cclub

Scheduled Lectures

  • We have a schedule for talks on various subjects related to computers here

  • Kahrl is giving a talk on atom as a c IDE

  • We have hardware to use if one has a project in mind, just let us know

  • Skuld is doing a windows 10 optimization talk, possibly open gl development

  • Sphinx brought up the custer lecture series, for people to fly out here to talk

  • Contact Carey.schoolmaster@wmich.edu for this lecture series


  • CTF(capture the flag) is a one credit class for security competition programming on fridays from 2:00 to 2:50 at room 2217 kohrman hall, counts as cs elective if taken three times

  • talk to someone about hanging a projector from the ceiling

Upcoming external events

  • Spartahacks is a hackathon Jan 19th through the 21st

  • MHacks on Oct 12th through the 14th both of these are very helpful i.e. microcontrollers and programming let us know via officers chat or by pming cookie

Amenities for members

  • Our amenities include a paid snack bar, a 3d printer, a vr station, a library of technical books, multiple servers and a networking lab, an arcade machine, an electronics workbench, various gaming systems, lots of hardware pieces, chat services help with homework with people

Weekly Dinner

  • We had dinner at roadhouse around 7:00