06 Sep 2018

September 06th, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by backbutton in vim

32 people in attendance, including:cookie, spacedog, juhhh, shiranui, presto, skuld, kami, crystalclam, tank21, drewr, caligula, hellbacon, zurek, bison, relic_o, kahrl, jacob, kessler, tyrna, typo

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

welcome to more new team member

  • cclub is an open sharing and learning environment

  • we also have a networking lab

  • if you want to talk about using servers talk to hellbacon or drewr

ctf time has changed to start at 3pm instead of 2pm

  • security class that relates that if taken three times counts as a cs elective

wmcsc purple event west michigan cyber security consortium

  • wmcsc with wmcat and merit running smaller teams for some security related content

  • this is split up into red and blue teams as well as smaller executive teams

  • there is room for 32 to 45 competitors of varying skill

  • to sign up complete the survey here

  • if you have questions contact the organization at wmcybersecurity@kentcountymi.gov

  • also see the ctf channel for more information

hackathon funding

  • we talked about requesting for funding for mhacks through wsa

  • if any members need licenses or hardware for project for mhacks, let us know through the officer channel

CEAS events

  • september 11th is the ceas cookout from 11am to 1pm

  • ceas leader breakfast for officers is next friday 7am to 9am


  • plan meeting tomorrow at 2pm

  • have done overwatch, rocket league, lol, hearthstone

  • is also a fundraiser for club(one of the biggest)

  • there is a $10 admission fee $5 for club members

Fight night

  • may want to do friday fight night starting tomorrow

CClub talks/lectures

  • setting up informative talks starting next week after club meeting

  • first presentation is windows optimization from skuld


  • we have loaner hard drives and computers in the room for people who need them during the semester

  • spacedog talked to cs1 class this week to drum up membership


  • strongth wants to start a community botproject through riot

  • if interested let cookie or hellbacon know

  • this touches on a lot of subjects throughout cs

  • it is done ideally in python, though others are in


  • dinner is at gonzo’s around 7 pm