13 Sep 2018

September 13th, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by backbutton in vim

19 people in attendance, including: skuld, shiranui, kami, cookie, crystalclam, spacedog, drewr, caligula, zurek, presto, kahrl, kloranthy, scot, tyrna, sphinx, jacob, hellbacon

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall


  • CTF is 3 to 350 pm

  • pico ctf is september 28

  • csawctf starts tomorrow 3pm or 4pm

  • see ctf channel for more info


  • wali(western aerospace launch mission) is an rso at western

  • they want to talk to us about flight software opportunity

  • they have already launched a partial satellite

  • for more info see spacedog

  • kami said that they get budget from larger organizations

  • sphinx relays grant.c.farnsworth@wmich.edu and james.d.eckler@wmich.edu as potential contacts for programming

  • sphinx also relays hannah.l.watts@wmich.edu as potential contact as president/lead

Bot Building

  • strongth is trying to build a framework to build bots

  • this is especially for chats

  • look to strongth and hellbacon or the hacks channel on riot if interested

  • leadership breakfast tomorrow for eboard at floyd around 7 to 9 am *we are putting kits together potentially monday september 17

  • plan is november 10

  • tomorrow we are putting out a survey during plan meeting for game


  • MHACKS is at university of michigan

  • cookie has two available spots in his car

  • it is october 12th through the 14th

After Meeting talks

  • Skuld is delivering a talk on windows 10 optimization tonight right after meeting

  • spacedog is running a talk on learning ai/rocket league bots

PNC Account Changes

  • kahrl said we need to take the officers from before off of pnc bank account

  • current president is cookie

  • current vice president is spacedog

  • current treasurer is tank

  • current secretary is backbutton

  • current vp of finance is kahrl

  • current faculty advisor is sphinx

  • we need to remove dr. trenary

  • we need to remove leech

  • we need to add cookie

  • we need to add sphinx

  • kahrl remains and tank remains

  • people that are off the account needs to write a letter of consent

  • people that are added or kept have to be there

Concerning the Arcade Machine

  • would people mind if we replaced the pi with a desktop

  • has to be kept tidy

  • we could use a beagle bone black in the book/electronics case


  • we are putting msp430 kits together potentially monday september 17th

  • leadership breakfast tomorrow for eboard at floyd around 7 to 9 am

  • presto is running some secret hitler games tonight during and after dinner

  • 4pm on the 13th is fight night

  • dinner is at 7:15 at wings etc.