27 Sep 2018

September 27th, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by backbutton in vim

19 people in attendance, including: tali, cookie, spacedog, drew, tank, kahrl, caligula, zurek, tyrna, taylor, skuld, hellbacon

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

Engineering Expo

  • Yesterday was the engineering expo

  • not very many cs places

  • nexient was there, developing software for fortune 500 companie

  • nexient is based in ann arbor

  • tyler technologies public safety divison was there

  • auto owner’s insurance was looking for summer interns

  • streamline was there as well

  • it side for consumers energy or maybe software development

Game Inventors’ Club

  • game inventor’s club is trying to make a game before end of spring semester

  • in game maker studio(has own language)

  • similar to python

  • meet saturdays at 10am in study room 5 in the library

  • undertale and hotline miami were made in game maker studio

Bot Project

  • hellbacon and strongth have been working on the release for the bot project

  • ccawmunity

  • it is written in python

  • there is documentation on how to use it and how to write your own function

  • there is a channel for it in riot

  • this is where you would test your bots

  • this would be at an intermediate level with the setup

  • mention ideas in the channel if you think that an idea might be beyond your skills


  • started on the what is the plan website project on ccowmu git repository

  • it is here

  • let us know if you have questions

  • extra features on git labs, which is what the plan site is on

  • it is currently on the topic in geeks


  • tommorow at 3pm is ctf

  • pico ctf is starting tomorrow 8am

Class Registration

  • spring registration for classes is coming up here

  • senior registration is at oct 3

  • junior registration is oct 4

  • sophomore registration is oct 5th

  • you should double register for your classes you are in then drop when you pass

  • you can look up crn earlier

  • you should sign up asap

DT Issue

  • if you are a cs student, or ceas student, we pay differential tuition

  • it is for undergraduate success

  • the dean wants to start a biomed engineering degree

  • he is using the differential tuition funds to fund this

  • if you don’t like this,

  • they are starting biomed graduates this fall

  • there will be massive cs 1200 aka c for engineers influx without funding

  • the board of trustees may not know what is going on with this

  • the dt fund is not being dispersed very evenly

  • if you go to here, you can contact them

  • Susan Bott is also contactable

  • if we draft correspondence, we may be able to turn heads

  • possibly a one page letter

  • if we can get other rsos on board, that would be more effective

  • sphinx will put some more info in officers

  • budget is ditributed to ceas from the main campus, not necessarily based on its student body


  • jc penny in portage is doing a suit event on the 30th of september from 630pm to 930pm

  • please vote in the midterm elections

  • hw help is tomorrow 1130am to 2pm

  • kahrl is delivering a talk on writing c in atom

  • the talk will be very useful for 2230 and 3240

  • dinner is at bilbo’s tonight 7:15