04 Oct 2018

#MONTH 00th, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by backbutton in vim

19 people in attendance, including: kahrl, cookie, spacedog, drewr, juhh, sphinx, hellbacon, tali, crystalclam, kessler, skuld, taylor, caligula, zurek, neil, achmed, kami,

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

Do it like this with a space

  • the same goes for bullets, too


  • mhacks is next weekend

  • hackathon competition at U of M

  • there are a number of talks and projects all day all weekend

  • we will have a report of it the week after


  • ctf is again this friday at 3pm tomorrow

  • Hackover CTF is tomorrow


  • the plan survey is out

  • only 10 have done it thus far

  • we have the cost of entry at $10

  • the link to the survey is at the top of geeks chat

CS 1310

  • Our fliers need to be sent out by tali and vlad for cs 1310

RSO Breakfast

  • the rso breakfast is next wednesday at 7am

  • we will be back with some info on the other clubs


  • tali and caligula are working with WALI but we need programmers

  • they need help with their space satellite launch


  • ccawmunity is the python chat bot for us put together by strongth

  • we can create a bot if we want to

  • if interested, ping somebody on the ccawmunity channel on riot

  • there is a pretty strong readme on the repository linked in the channel


  • yesterday twitch put leveldata full time software development job

  • the job is working with databases and other languages for data connectors

  • you are writing imports in java

  • it is to keep databases synchronized

  • it is for k-12 schools

  • there is a link to the application in jobs chat

  • converting course packs to latex jobs for other classes job

  • Dawn Weber from the college of arts and sciences is looking for two people to install printer drivers and general IT positions

  • if you know of any job opportunities, put it in jobs chat

Project Help Meeting Time

  • we tried to put a meeting time for help with projects

  • we could create a system/bot for seeking help with notifying people of when helpers are in the room

  • if you have any ideas, hit us up in officers

Class Registration

  • make sure to register for classes

  • don’t be afraid to over register your classes, then drop before the drop date

RIP Gaming Computers Help

  • our computers rocktopus and king crow are starting to get worn down

  • king crow has given us blue screen three times today

  • any help with fixing these will be welcomed, and we can try to find funding/spare parts for

  • motherboards like not sanjay are in the drawer in the corner

  • some motherboards are scattered around here


  • next week I am doing a talk on uxd

  • will have more info next week srry

  • presto is playing secret hitler after dinner tonight

  • we are going to Gonzo’s Big Dog Brewery tonight at 6:45pm

Skuld’s Halloween Party

  • skuld’s halloween party is in three weeks

  • any movie suggestions are open

  • message skuld on riot for any ideas or more information

  • there will be food