25 Oct 2018

October 25th, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by backbutton in vim

19 people in attendance, including:skuld, spacedog, drew, cookie, presto, hellbacon, sweeney, tali, caligula, zurek, taylor, sphinx, neil

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall


  • mhacks was two weeks ago

  • mhacks is a hackothon from u of m

  • it is a coding competition for 36 hours

  • google, goldman sachs, and many other companies were there to offer support for libraries and apis

  • cookie was using react native to develop apps for both android and iso simultaneously

  • spartahacks is next semester in january

New Channels

  • spacedog established the new chat rooms for showing off projects, anouncements, and hw help

  • announcements is for pinging announcements

  • post stuff in the projects and

  • new members should go into these three, as should all of us


  • plan is november 10th

  • we will try to pass out/hang up posters on monday

  • we could get a smash bros community into plan

  • if anyone has a game cube and/or a ccrtv ping cookie in officers

  • we could get 20 people for that game alone potentially

Computer parts

  • stardock, presto’s game company, has extra pc parts

  • they have a bunch of parts that they want to give up

  • we may want a priority list for this

  • send a ping to presto on riot if you have any interest in specific parts, especially a priority list


  • ctf is tomorrow

  • there is pwn ctf tomorrow

  • saturday morning to sunday night is another

  • grimm has a list for a plan of action that is automated security,

  • they have a program called Hax that looks for universities to build some ctf competitions

  • any junior level student that wins gets a job there

  • any interest in this can get with drew or go to the ctf channel

Career Fairs

  • stem employer networking is at wood hall 10am to 1pm on nov 8

  • bring resumes

  • at the fetzer center on nov 14, we have IT career fair

  • it is very formal and structured

  • they are looking for computer science people interested in the it side

After Meeting Talks

  • we had a talk schedule, however it had to be moved back

  • we need more talks

  • they don’t have to be technical or in depth

Skuld’s Haloween Party

  • Skuld’s haloween party is this saturday at skuld’s house

  • there will be a lot of food

  • there is an arcade machine

  • there will be a movie marathon

  • potentially playing rock band

  • the directions are in the topics in geeks


  • sphinx will need a grader in the spring

  • preferably one person for both, but may be one

  • this is a paid gig

  • this will be in jobs channel

  • we could potentially be looking for a sytem admin, potentially


  • dinner is at hopcat at 7