11 Oct 2018

October 11th, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by backbutton in vim

19 people in attendance, including: Chase, zurek, kami drew, caligula, tali, talor, tank spacedog, cookie, kahrl, skuld

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall


  • you could take some lower level servers over, then have your blue team secure it

  • hellbacon’s team scored first

  • spacedog’s team scored last

Club Trips

  • only cookie and kessler are going to mhacks

  • club could plan out, possibly get funding, and go on more trips

  • this could be promoted to helping learning funding, like chairs and 3d printer

Riot Chat Rooms

  • chat rooms could be made more of

  • we could use tutoring room/help room

  • we could delete some of the rooms

  • could have a projects room

  • we could do an events room for impromptu events

  • Announcements room could be a good way to get messages across as well

  • could be more useful for newer members as well

  • if we want to keep rooms, let people know in officers

C for Engineers Tutors

  • cs 1200 tutors are needed

  • this is c for engineers

  • dr. carr approached sphinx for help on that

  • this will be a paid opportunity

  • contact dr. carr at this or dr. Seung-hae Bae at this for if interested

Custer Lecture Series

  • advertise alummni talks

  • the custer lecture series is people brought in for alumnis

  • we may need an audience as well

  • we could put flyers up and commiunicate across members

  • could use comstock auditorium or the chemistry building

Career Fairs

  • the it career fair is on the business side of computer science

  • it is november 14th at the fetzer center

  • we don’t have a docket for it yet

  • be there at five and leave at eight

  • there will be talks

  • there is a proffesional dress code

  • stem networking session nov. 8 at wood hall

  • it could be like a career fair

  • you should bring resumes but dress casually

  • there will be snacks

  • you could put in more face time with certain employers

  • stem career fair on february 6th at the fetzet center feb 6

Science Olympiad

  • science olympiad is coming up

  • they are looking for programming, robotics, and cyber security

  • can also do advertising for club

  • they are looking for judges

  • it is a great extra curricular activity

  • that is not until march

  • if interested look on officers


  • I will give talk on user experience design

  • dinner at wings 7:15

  • no meeting next week

  • next week is a ctf in the middle of the week between the 16th and the 18th