10 Jan 2019

January 10, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by backbutton in vim

19 people in attendance, including:cookie, kloranthy, pumpkin, zurek, kahrl, drerw, sphinx, sweeney, spacedog, taylor, presto, tali, caligula, crue

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

New Members

  • we have new members!

  • thanks to everyone who handed out fliers


  • ctf is tomorrow at 2 pm

  • this is our 1 credit cs elective

  • capture the flag

  • security/hacking

  • you can show up even if not signed up

Cracking the coding interview

  • hellbacon is an alumni of wmu

  • he donated a big stack of books to us

  • white board interview practice book was brought by hellbacon

  • strongth used the book

  • it is a great resource

  • any interested can use it

  • we could set up a time to work through some of the problems

  • it would really help with algorithms and data structures


  • REU Site on Consumer Networking

  • it has potential for Consumer Networking but it is at the university of missouri over the summer

  • they offer a $5000 stipend

POS Vending

  • the snack are regulated by our pos system that is really sort of non-secure

  • we could get a good deal on a register for $500 from surplus sales

  • it is reprogrammable

  • it is not refrigerated

  • it is pretty big/deep

  • sweeney was talking about getting a bill reader to go with the computer

  • we will talk about it more next week

Book Buy

  • there is a budgeted list for the book buy list in the officers room on riot

  • we voted to get the book buy

Chili Cook Off

  • the chili cook off was unfortunately cancelled this year

  • they were storing furniture in the room

  • :(

  • Zurek and Kahrl are the chili masters


  • plan is the lan party hosted at the engineering campus

  • for the past two years the attendance has been dwindling, as has participation

  • we talked about it a while back

  • we will talk about it either on a friday or after meeting in three weeks

WMU Radio

  • Kirk@WIDR

  • Rivendell is being used for their radio playlist

  • they are currently working with it department at western

  • they could use help from us

  • widr.musicdirector@gmail.com

Book Cataloguing System

  • i am doing a senior design project and would like to catalogue/organize some of the books/parts/other systems around here

  • if you have something in here that you want catalogued or interfaced pm me on riot

After Meeting Talk

  • after today i am giving a talk on an outline of theoretical computer science

  • skuld and spacedogs also have talks coming up

  • if you want to have a talk, message spacedog or cookie on riot


  • we are having a linux install party tonight, and possibly in the future

  • we are going to dinner at gonzos