17 Jan 2019

January 17, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by backbutton in vim

19 people in attendance, including:zurek, spacedog, taylor, caligula, pumpkin, cookie, aerospice, alu, typo, sweeney, presto, tali, kloranthy

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

Interview Practice

  • as mentioned before, we are setting up a time for getting a white board interview practice section

  • 330 on fridays after ctf

  • it will be in the room

Science Olympiad

  • science olympiad was mentioned in an rso meeting last wednesday

  • code busters for high school and game on for the middle schoolers

  • we may need volunteers for that

  • if aviliable on march 23rd, let cookie or spacedog know in officers on riot

PNC Information

  • skuld (Josephine Anna Wall) is our new treasurer

  • skuld is going to be added as a signer on the pnc account

PLAN plan

  • plan is our lan party over at parkview

  • our attendance/participation has been low over the past few semesters

  • we need to schedule a time to talk about it

  • we will talk about it on a friday

  • we will discuss it later

Minutes Mailer

  • we need to fix our minutes mailer, which will help with emailing the minutes

  • if interested pm cookie or spacedog

  • you can also say something in officers

  • we could put in a possible alumni day

Fight Night

  • friday fight night has been moved to 6pm on fridays

  • if interested pm skuld or come tomorrow

Cclub spotlight

  • Kirk@widr got his problem taken care of with it

  • he is interested in running an rso spotlight for club

  • if interested in talking about club, pm spacedog


  • msp430s have had a final purchase ready

  • next week we may be putting together msp430 parts

  • it is sort of like a fundraiser for us

  • we will need 30-40 kits

  • it will be on monday or wednesday

  • rsos have an event coming up to go to the tennis courts and display pieces for rsos

Promotional Ideas

  • we could work a little on our fliers

  • we could also get some business cards

  • when we get stuff for tables, we bring the arcade machine and fliers

  • we are looking for ideas

  • get an arcade machine that is at least half of the size of our current one

  • msp430s

  • get a couple of other projects

  • we could do usb drives


  • the rocketry are looking to put together a control system for a rocket with arduino

  • if anybody is interested, the a&aa lab is on the second floor of the building and they will be there at 4 tomorrow

  • if interested, pm aerospice on riot

  • it is a good opportunity

Business College Pitch Competition

  • the business college pitch competition

  • competition for $5000 give a three minute pitch for an innovative business idea

  • if you go to wmich.edu/pitch the info is there

Engineering Week

  • cclub could host a virtual gaming competition during this time slot

  • if you know virtual gaming, ping cookie or spacedog in officers

  • we have a vr rig in the corner


  • skuld is giving an after meeting talk on opengl 2(electric boogaloo)

  • spacedog has a talk next week on making music w a gameboy

  • dinner is at bilbos

-we will now have a switch dock in the room