21 Feb 2019

February 14, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by backbutton in vim

People in attendance, including: sweeney, crue, cookie, alu, presto, caligula, jpenn, taylor, pumpkin, aerospice, kahrl, zurek, spacedog, drewrd, sphinx, skuld, dgrant, typo, misclick, coop

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall


  • there is no ctf tomorrow

  • sphinx will not be here

Interview Questions

  • we have been using cracking the coding interview to practice interview questions

  • we are aiming towards 2 pm

Pi Week

  • we got some information in regards to pi week for rsos from the rso breakfast

  • we have a pie eating contest

  • $500 prize for the winner

  • if interested in representing club, give a shout out in officers

  • the give a slice program is a donation through various departments that will go to various rsos

  • anyone is available to be donated to

  • whoever raises the largest donation amount gets a cash prize

  • whoever gets the most donors gets a pie in the face

Science Olympiad

  • this was also talked about at the rso meeting

  • they bring elementary, middle and high schoolers in to participate

  • we are doing a middle school level and a high school level competition each

  • we need two volunteers for this

  • we get food and a t* shirt for volunteering

  • if interested pm cookie or talk to us in officers

  • march 23rd on a saturday

CTF Changes

  • ctf is meant to be run under some supervision by a student

  • participation has dwindled over the past year

  • we could do some alternatives

  • if interested in taking over pm sphinx

  • one would be guiding the class and just keeping things on track

  • unless somebody from club wants to volunteer to run ctf, it may go away after this semester/be replaced

  • there is some money gained by the department for this class, so the ctf person may get paid in this deal

Mike Elvell Meeting

  • kahrl and sphinx met with the group that renovated the 1st and 3rd floor of this building for the gwen frostic school of art

  • he is receptive to us keeping this room

  • their projects may wish to collaborate with other disciplines, like cs

  • they are interested in integrated design processes with us

  • they could also have jurisdiction over this room, much to the chagrin of the current building manager, Darcy

  • we could use some makerbots upon payment/other after some negotiation

Picture Day/Nominations/Elections

  • the picture on our website is a little outdated

  • we are planning on updating the picture

  • we should pick a day where we can get the most people here, as well as alumni

  • our picture day is probably on April 11th

  • nominations and elections will likely be on that day as well as either the week before or the week after

Skuld’s Party

  • march 1st skuld’s party

  • it is at her house


  • we are at $7225.70

  • we could invest potentially 32 more gb ram in dot, which is the hardware on which yako runs

After Meeting Talk

  • talk tonight by skuld to develop vr environments in unity

  • after that there is not much


  • dinner is at wings