14 Feb 2019

February 14, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by backbutton in vim

21 people in attendance, including: sweeney, crue, cookie, alu, presto, caligula, jpenn, taylor, pumpkin, aerospice, kahrl, zurek, spacedog, drewrd

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall


  • ctf is tomorrow

  • ctfd website is being built for a senior design class

  • they will be learning how to use wireshark

Interview Practice Questions

  • after ctf at 330 we have been using the cracking the coding interview book to practice some coding questions

  • It is helpful to learn algorithms in general as well

  • please join us

  • there are many levels of questions

IEEE Soldering Workshop

  • tomorrow night they will be teaching people how to solder

  • they will help with some msp things

  • they will be using intermediate and advanced kits to teach

  • flyers are all around the college

  • a qr code takes you to the website to rsvp

  • it is between 4 and 530 then again between 545 and 715

Craig Heilman Talk

  • Craig Heilman is coming to the ceas to talk about getting into the security field

  • it is next thursday at 4:00 pm

  • room c208 at ceas

  • they may have snacks

  • it would be a good talk to go to

Mailing List

  • if you want minutes get me your email

  • please pm me on riot

Wiki Pages

  • when you log in to our wiki you can make a page for yourself

  • please do so, as it could be a great thing for potential members to look at

  • use your ldap credentials to log in

  • add yourself to the tutoring page, whether you want to get into tutoring in the room or are open to answering people on riot

  • you can edit any page on the wiki

  • please do so if you know information that is not on there

  • if you have questions pm alu

  • alu++

Office Hours

  • seriously if you have office hours please post them to the wiki

  • the tutoring page may be made public

  • we could get the office chat command in riot running again

  • we can do some upkeep, but if you have any ideas message cookie or spacedog on riot

New Snacks

  • we got some new snacks

  • if you can’t find a price for something look at the menu on the fridge

  • there are some meal items in the fridge

Financial Stuff

  • After purchasing the snacks our current balance is 7252.70

  • please let us know if you have any investment ideas for the club

  • we may invest in soldering equipment

  • if somebody wants to build a new computer let us know on officers

After Meeting Talks

  • skuld is giving a talk next week on game development


  • we will have a few options for dates next week to vote on for taking the club picture

  • dinner is at Wings at 7