28 Feb 2019

February 28, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by backbutton in vim

People in attendance, including: drewr, spacedog, alu, cookie, caligula, pumpkin, aerospice, zurek, taylor, kahrl, sweeney

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall


  • there is no ctf for spirit day

Interview Questions

  • there is no interview questions for spirit day

New Projector

  • we got a new projector

  • there is so much room for activities

  • it is from Harding

  • it has native hdmi port

Spring Cleaning

  • our floor is dirty

  • we have a lot of cans

  • wednesday after we come back we could do spring cleaning

  • between four and six


  • we had a couple of jobs postings

  • dr. Carr sent an email for a summer internship

  • it’s in lansing

  • it is an IT internship

  • it is open for CIS or CS

  • it pays $17

  • Blimpy also put in some internship positions in San francisco

Pie Eating Contest

  • the rso group is trying to do some stuff for pi week

  • if you know anybodyu to donate to club or the cs department, let them know about give a pie day

  • the pie eating contest is rso vs. rso

  • it is march 11-14

  • you have a mini pie, and see how much you can eat in two minutes

  • the rso that wins gets $500

  • Holly Blake sent out an email about this

  • Participation leads to a pizza party

  • if interested in representing club, let us know in officers

Science Olympiad

  • it is march 23rd

  • This is at Sangren or CEAS

  • we need volunteers for moderating

  • code busters is more like cipher code

  • it is at 9:50 am

  • game on is like a mini game jam

  • this is at 8:45 am


  • Nominations will be held on April 4th

  • Elections and picture day will be held on april 11

  • start having people in mind

Minutes Mailer

  • if you want to get the minutes emailed to you give your information to backbutton

  • the mailer is officially up

Future of CTF

  • ctf is a class that is about security games

  • the team for it is getting smaller

  • we may want someone to take over the class, or change it

  • we could do a class about whiteboard interviewing

  • we could put in a pico 8 class

  • if you have any other ideas, talk to sphinx about it

  • you could also ping us in officers

Pico 8 Stuff

  • pico 8 is an emulator for a non-existant game system

  • it has a pretty nice scale of learning

  • spacedog is trying to get an educator’s license for it

  • this could be something that we teach as a class

  • this is done in Lua

  • it has a sprite editor as well


  • It is on the second, which is this saturday

  • it is around 6pm

  • it is on the topics of geeks

After Meeting Talks

  • there are no after meeting talks on the docket as of March

  • we will not be open for talks on nomination/election days

Enjoy Spring Break

  • don’t show up next thursday, there will be no meetings


  • dinner is at Gonzo’s at 7:15