14 Mar 2019

March 14, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by backbutton in Firefox

People in attendance, including: cookie, aerospice, caligula, presto, dolphin, taylor, alu, cookie, zurek,spacedog, drewr, kahrl, sweeney, typo, sphinx

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

Interview Questions

  • tomorrow we are getting together around 3:30 for cracking the coding interview coverage


  • USCB has an attack-defense style ctf tomorrow

  • you will write software for a virtual car

  • it will need to bypass some security measures

  • there is a jeopardy style portion that gives hints about the car portion

  • 1:00

  • it has sort of become less club supported

  • we could try to make the class work

Science Olympiad

  • we could pitch this for next saturday to cs2 for possible volunteers for this

  • we could volunteer for this

  • caligula, spacedog, cookie, and backbutton are there so far

  • it could be fun

  • this is on the 23rd

Future of CTF

  • if you are here past this semester we could use help to get it more structured and club supported

  • kami helped in the past and was compensated for her help

  • that is leadership and programming experience for your resume

  • if interested contact cookie or sphinx on riot

Purchase ODB2 Scan Tool

  • On Board Diagnostic scan tool

  • every modern car has a computer that monitors some things

  • when something goes wrong, the computer stores the issue for access later

  • we could get one for the club

  • we can probably find one that has universal function

Dr. Kapenga needs Volunteers

  • he needs volunteers for something related to kamsc

  • it is a programming contest related group

  • details are kind of hazy right now

Programming Contest Group

  • Kapenga was also interested in finding more people for programming contest group for the fall

  • we had 3 teams last semester

  • it is somewhere else

  • if interested talk to spacedog

  • it may overlap with the kamsc thing?

Hang the Projector

  • sphinx got some links from josh grant about hanging the projector on the ceiling

  • we may not have all of the equipment

  • we could have some thins here already

  • if we get him the model of the projector he could tell us exactly what to buy

  • we may need some of the people from facilities to mount it

  • they may charge us for that

  • we may need a wireless projector

  • we could plug the chromecast into the projector’s hdmi port

Spring Cleaning

  • we need to clean and organize the room

  • if interested let cookie know

  • it will probably be next wednesday night

  • that is subject to change if wanted

Game Jam

  • This will be completely online

  • spacedog would like to propose a cash prize of $50 for the winner

  • the motion for the $50 cash prize passed

  • the contestants will build a game based on a certain theme

  • the winner will be judged based on quality and connection to the theme

  • spacedog, sphinx, kahrl, kami, strongth, and others have already shown interest

  • there will be some marketing online, but not very much

  • posters will be posted around parkview

  • teams will be fine, but they will split the money

  • this will be March 29-31


April 4th will be nominations for positions

  • april 11th will be election for those positions

  • they include president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and vp of finance

  • that is cookie, spacedog, backbutton, skuld, and kahrl respectively

  • stringy could get our voting section going for elections


  • we will also be taking pictures on april 11th for club

  • we may get a really nicec camera for club

After Meeting Talk

  • we don’t have an after meeting talk scheduled until the end of the semester, due to elections and similar activities

  • the sign up sheet is still in officers, or let us know in officers


  • Is at wings at 7:00

  • avalon after dinner

  • Talk to dolphin if interested