04 Apr 2019

April 4, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by backbutton in Firefox

People in attendance, including: limpbizkit, alu, cookie, sweeney, kahrl, taylor, coop, presto, dr. trenary, crue, spacedog, tyrna, typo, alex, zurek, aerospice, skuld

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

Midnight CTF

  • tomorrow at noon starts Midnight CTF

  • this is a qualifying ctf

  • just look in the ctf channel tomorrow

Parkview GameNight

  • we are in room C-208 at parkview wednesday nights at 6

  • we have mainly played switch games, but all games are up for grabs

  • if you want to hang out/study/game, come

Next Week

  • cookie needs help with getting a voting app

  • we can find a repeatable middle ground

  • we are also doing our group picture next week

Current State of 3D Printer

  • broken

  • we could make it work, but it will take a lot of work

  • we could use a nice commercial 3D printer

Game Jam

  • last week we had our first game jam

  • we used itch.io to submit the games

  • voting ends tomorrow night at 6

  • there have been 9 submissions in total

  • we are doing it next semester

  • it will likely be in the first 2-3 weeks

  • the games are freely available

  • the link is available in geeks


  • provost of the university wants to come to our election

  • she is one of the decision makers in the university

  • she is coming around 7:00 next week to attend the elections

  • we are wondering how to get her to still see some of our election

  • she is very open to organizations like ours


  • dinner is at Hopcat at 7:00


  • presidential nominations are spacedog, backbutton, and alu

  • vp nominations are alu, spacedog, backbutton, and dolphin

  • secretarial nominations are taylor, skuld, and dolphin

  • treasurer nominations are skuld, drewr,limpbiscuit, and taylor

  • vp of finance nominations are bacckbutton and limpbiscuit