28 Mar 2019

March 28, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by backbutton in Firefox

People in attendance, including: limpbizkit, skuld, alu cookie, sweeney, kahrl, drew, zurek, spacedog, jpenn, aerospice, taylor, presto, coop

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

limpbizkit, skuld, alu cookie, sweeney, kahrl, drew, zurek, spacedog, jpenn, aerospice, taylor, presto, coop

Volga CTF

  • volga ctf tomorrow at 11am

  • this one is put on by the Institute of Informatics, Mathematics, and Electronics of Samara University

Interview Questions

  • we held interview practice last friday

  • this happens every friday at 3pm

  • this is held at the club room

  • we use the cracking the coding interview book

Parkview Game Nights

  • We had parkview game night last wednesday

  • this will be a common occurence every friday at 6pm

  • we go to room c-208 at parkview, where passport day is usually held

  • we usually play on the switch, but are open to other consoles as well

JCP Suit Up Event

  • jcpenny is doing a suit event starting tomorrow

  • it is the one at the crossroads mall in portage

IEEE Soldiering Workshop

  • IEEE soldiering workshop is happening tomorrow

  • they have different kits for three different levels of difficulty

  • there was one done earlier this semester

  • they give you tips and tricks on your soldiering skills

  • this is tomorrow night at parkview


  • game jam starts tomorrow at 6pm

  • there is community judging and it goes on for five days

  • there is a $50 prize for the winner

  • spacedog will likely be here for pretty much the whole weekend

  • the theme will be on the itch.io page

Programming contest

  • icpc is a programming competition that has been held in grand rapids

  • dr kapenga led the groups

  • spacedog has participated in the past

  • if interested, talk to dr kapenga or ping on officers


  • next week is nominations for elected positions

  • if you want to nominate somebody, try to make sure that they will be here for next fall and spring

  • that is the majority of next meeting

How to Snack

  • when you snack and put it on your tab, you may not pay it off

  • we are looking for ideas for a better system or to put a cap on how high the tab can go

  • we may want to put more security on our cash box

  • the vending machine may not be a good idea

  • we could put a lock on the fridge/snacks if somebody’s bill is too high

  • we will likely talk about it more in the future

How to Expire

  • when your membership dues have not been paid, you can currently still go on riot

  • we could expire people after giving them a warning message to renew their membership

  • we could also send an email

  • if anybody would like to help with the expiring bot, ping about it in officers

Get ALU into facebook

  • we need to get into the facebook

  • giggles and coke zero may have access, but we cannot contact them

  • facebook.com/ccowmu

  • if anybody knows who is the admin, please let alu know

  • if anybody has any ideas, let us know

  • we could email facebook, or make a new page

  • the twitter works

  • we are trying to get the minutes posted to these social media sites


  • dinner is at roadhouse