03 Oct 2019

October 3rd, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by Taylor in visual studio code

15 people in attendance, including: spacedog, alu, kharl, sweeney, presto, aerospice, backbutton, and taylor

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

current events

ieee audio wizardry

  • learn how to make a guitar pedal
  • take one home
  • this is for any skill level
  • 2 spots left


  • until oct 11
  • aproachable ctf and is ment for highschool students
  • ctfs are siber security challenges where you have to exploit a volernability for a flag


  • midwest collegiate computing conference
  • march 20-21 2020
  • grand valley state
  • 2019 competitions
    • java development
    • python
    • cyber security (CTF)
    • database design
    • master the mainframe
    • microsoft office
  • kvcc has a team and wundering if we wanted to create a team

club events

job interview practice

  • oct 25-30?
  • want planning of actual job interview practice
  • want to figure out what days of the week are free
  • possibly do a night 6:00
  • We need volentears to be the interviewers
  • we are shooting for an interviewing day on the 25th of october

club business

bob hardin is looking for a grader

  • operating systems
  • C
  • desperate

    leval data

  • hiering
  • looking for 4 people
  • look for part time and transfer to fulltime later on
  • need people close to graduation


  • we need the door bot online
  • office command should work
  • fall we need to do is finish setting it up and we need some time
  • next week we are meeting the prohoste and try to figure if we are allowing people in the room
  • instead of an outside thing we would have a chat command and have a list of trusted people to open the door
  • we need to remind them that cclub exists

tyrna says hi


  • we have pizza!

mid-term review

  • possibly do next friday night
  • also have food
  • not sure of time but there will be updates in officers

3d printer

  • karl can 3d print things and they are nice