10 Oct 2019

October 10th, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by Taylor in visual studio code

22 people in attendance spacedog, synthabit, taylor, kahrl, typo, tank, sphinx, aerospice, sweeney, backbutton, alu, dr trenary

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

current events

provost meeting update

  • we need to set a possible command to open the door
  • emailed the assistant and didn’t get a reply until wednesday the day that the meeting was scheduled for
  • the earliest we can meet is november because she is booked up for the next 3 weeks

door/office commands

  • fixed the door command
  • this command would say if the door is open or closed
  • the office section on the website needs to be updated
  • ask spacedog in chat if you are confused and want to help with this
  • we need to redo the office command
  • we need to get rid of pf sense which is the current software on the router

kzoo software developers meetup

  • this exists
  • few members were there on Tuesday
  • really cool
  • had about 20 people show up all from many companies around kalamazoo
  • we learned how to write office addons in JavaScript
  • the place to find these are on meetup.com


  • KVCC
  • November 9th (a Saturday)
  • 7:30am - (8:30) - 2:30pm
  • kids threw high school will come to learn about stem fields
  • similar to bronco bash but stem and not free stuff

CS walk-in advising

  • Oct 21st
  • walk in and don’t have to have appointments.
  • until then they may be booked
  • you may want to see them if you need to take operating systems as it isn’t offered in the spring term

club events

study party

  • tomorrow night at 6:00 Friday at 6:00
  • advertising a way to tutor people
  • gets pizza and deep dish hopefully
  • the email got sent today

job interview practice

  • oct 25

club business

WALI job

  • looking for electrical engineers
  • looking for power systems specialties
  • $10/hr 5-10 hrs/week

no meeting next week

  • no meeting next week because of fall break


  • yearly conference
  • network
  • also contests like python java and others


  • dinner is at wings at 6:45