03 Sep 2020

September 3rd, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by Taylor in vim

18 people in attendance or so: Zurek, Tank21, Kahrl, Taco, drewr, john_constantine, CPG , Lenny Lin, Alu, spacedog, Alex Maldonado, Kessler, aron lawrence, Strongth, girrockss, Sphinx, taylor, Lucky backbutton, and hammer

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, on google meet

Welcome back

  • introduction of any new members
  • one new member: hammer

Distancing Plans

  • for now, all meetings will be online
  • investigating a different platform than google meet to enable an “online club room” that people can just drop in to
  • google meet doesn’t allow this functionality
  • jitsi looks like a good alternative and is self-hosted
  • also complies with the accessibility standards set by the university
  • just need web browser to join meetings

  • access to club room fairly limited
  • kohrman is technically open mon-thurs 7:00am-9:30pm
  • still, please talk to an officer if you want to physically be there, there are limits to the amount of people that can be in a room
  • plan is to disinfect about once a month or so, but still clean up after yourself
  • girrockss picked up disinfectant and will be out for people to disinfect the areas you interacted with

requirements for using the club room:

  • ask an officer first
  • wear a mask if there is someone else in the room
  • disinfect whatever you touch
  • distance- this means multiple people can’t use a single part of the club room at once (elect. workbench etc)

Event Plans

  • career talk by Kevin khaw
  • former highering manager at google
  • “an inside look into hiring at google”
  • either Sept 24 or Oct 1
  • thanks, alu for organizing this!

  • game jam soon (1-2 weeks from now probably)
  • new format
  • still 48 hours but you don’t have to do it in single weekend and get a week overall
  • no prize probably
  • stricter judging (only club members or people that made games can judge)
  • Alu thought it would be cool for 2 game jams

  • high interest in (online) game nights
  • no plans yet

  • high emphasis on member talks this year
  • some incentive maybe?
  • badge on riot maybe???
  • $10 snack credit if in person???
  • pins and stickers???
  • to claim a spot just edit the spreadsheet, link is in the topic of officers

  • no official dinners but maybe some unofficial sneaky ones
  • lots of members miss dinners
  • we got takeout and when to someones backyard over summar

  • still have midterms and finals study parties somehow

  • open to suggestions!
  • still trying to keep club live and active

Club Business

  • waive $10 yearly fee for new members?
  • this is not much of income flow for club
  • this is a good idea
  • new members only
  • we voted to wave the fee for new members
  • msp430 funding pipeline potentially broken
  • cs2230 not using msp430 kits because of the online classes
  • this could come back
  • not as bad of a situation as we thought

Vague, Large, and maybe too Ambitious plans for this semester

  • door bot 2.0
  • we have approval
  • has to be invisible from outside
  • use chat to open the door
  • girrockss showed interest in leading this project
  • constitution revision
  • need to clarify some gray areas
  • pview demo station (yes, we’re still doing that!)
  • got large amount of money from cs department to build a demo station for tours and to build interest in the cS department
  • got 3 new gaming computers
  • still on the hook for the station
  • bought almost all components but the VR

other business


  • we must go update some records at PNC
  • john_constantine will schedule


  • launch small satellite into orbit
  • cool project
  • to learn more, please talk to john_constantine and Kahrl
  • they need more people!

other things

  • you can get GitHub pack, O’Reilly textbooks, and many others by just using your WMU email.