10 Sep 2020

September 10th, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by Taylor in vim

25 people in attendance: alu, Girrockss, CPG, cookie, spacedog, lucky backbutton, Alex Maldonado, Zurek, Jake Konkowski, Geoff Tepperson, hammer, Sphinx, Trevor Dobbertin, Tank21, drewr, taylor, kahrl

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, on google meet

new members

  • we have 2 new members!

Current Events

Society of Women Engineers

  • Meeting Monday nights at 7pm
  • online meeting
  • webex

Engineering Expo Job Fair

  • Virtual
  • 10am - 2pm Wednesday, Sept 23
  • see handshake for more details
  • resume review online

Engineering a Bronco Nominations

  • Recognize faculty, staff, mentors outside of WMU
  • either HS teachers or other college professors
  • Deadline is Friday, Sept 25
  • Check your email for link

Club Events


  • Starts Sept. 11th (tomorrow) at 4pm
  • We will also have a PICO CTF challenge set with easier problems if CSAW is too hard
  • Join #ctf
  • CTF= capture the flag which are security contests


  • Starts next Thursday (17th) at 6pm
  • Theme will be announced at meeting
  • Goes 1 week until the next Thursday (24th)
  • 24 non-consecutive hours to make your game, optional art/music/sound assets will be provided
  • spacedog will give talk next week
  • There will be a showcase of games the week after that
  • join #ccawjam

Club Business

Jitsi meet update

  • Basically, ready to go once the firewall ports are opened up
  • we do not want to stick with google meet because we want a room where peple can go in and out
  • this is self-hosted
  • we need to wait for the ports to be opened to the outside world

Club Projects

CClub blog

  • Hopefully soon
  • Any member can write for it

CClub server space

  • Hopefully soon
  • Possible playground VM


  • no pirating
  • keep your home pages appropriate
  • only keep to current club members at this time which are students who go to WMU and KVCC


  • If you want to contribute in some way, just say so and we will get you a job to do
  • Don’t be afraid of not knowing something, jumping in and doing it is the best way to learn
  • we need help with club projects
  • poste in chat if you are interested maybe officers


  • Intro to CTFS by sphinx

other things

  • thank Girrocks for the fridge cleaning
  • best way to learn is learn by doing!