24 Sep 2020

September 24th, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by Taylor in vim

12 people in attendance: Trashcan Possom,taylor, spacedog, backbutton, john_constantine,Girrockss, sphinx, DrewR, kahrl, typo, Hyper, rushMD, alu

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, on jitsi meet

current events

Alu Birthday Hangout

  • tomorrow night aft 6:00
  • pizzas and cake
  • come hang out
  • pm alu for address

kahrl backyard takeout

  • tonight after meeting at 7:30

Club Events


  • submission ends tonight
  • judging begins tonight
  • cclub members/game dev class/game inventors club and people that submitted
  • If you didn’t submit, I need to manually add you to the judging list
  • Post in #ccawjam

Club Business

Sphinx has words

  • doctor Kapenga has retired
  • we will use that space for the demo station
  • scholarship for a junior for a project in the CS department

Presentation by Matthew Alashari from Auto Owners Insurance

Next week: Kevin Khaw: An inside look at hiring at google

The week after: TENT TIME