17 Sep 2020

September 17th, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by Taylor in vim

20 people in attendance: kessler, taylor, Tank, spacedog, Girrockss, taco, Hyper, kell, sphinks, flay, alu, kahrl, DrewR, rushMD, Trashcan Possom, hammer, john_constantine, STRONGTH, Justin Lee, Mitch D 6:00 PM, On a Thursday, on jitsi meet

Current Events

Resume Review

  • Still happening, but virtual
  • https://wmich.edu/career/students/advising

Master The Mainframe

  • https://www.ibm.com/it-infrastructure/z/education/master-the-mainframe
  • ran by IBM every year
  • you get setup account on ibm main frame and play with it
  • many different challenges

CClub Events

Matthew Alashari from Auto Owners Insurance to speak next week

  • Hinted at it being about internships
  • virtual presentation
  • give early and internships fill up fast


  • hacker rank virtual corear fare
  • virtual corear fare where companies are there to hier people
  • https://www.hackerrank.com/career-fair/fall2020/exhibitors

CCAWJAM 4 starts tonight

  • The theme is…
  • Submissions due next Thursday at 6
  • theme is can’t stop
  • 1 Week voting period to follow
  • If you don’t submit a game, you need to be added manually to vote


  • Apparently you can RENT the tent that’s out in front of parkview
  • We have a virtual presentation this week and probably the next, but in 3 weeks maybe we’ll have a meeting there

Talk by spacedog: Intro to making a game in godot