02 Sep 2021

September 2nd, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by Taylor inDrafts On Mac

20 people in attendance

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

Important Notes For Start of Term

◦ Masks until further notice ◦ You should upload your vaccination status to Sindecuse portal ◦ Last day drop add in threw goWMU sept 8 ◦ Last day to drop to go to the registrars office is sept 9 ◦ The last day to withdraw from classes is nov 1


◦ Monday is Labor Day ◦ Friday Oct 1 last day to apply for graduation for spring ◦ Fall break oct 20 ◦ Parkview hall back to normal hours ◦ Parkview cafe is open now ◦ Sept 22 Engineering expo virtual 10:00-2:00

Engineering a bronco

◦ People who helped you become where you are today ◦ Deadline for nomination is fri sept 24

Club stuff

◦ we are celling MSP430 kits ◦ Unsure of the price,but will be talked about next week

Treasury Update

◦ We have $1100 in PayPal $1600 into PNC account

Game Jam

◦ every term we host a game jam ◦ build game ◦ Space dog run remotely ◦ Weekend of sept 25 or after fall break for event

Other Stuff

◦ We are live on twitch now ◦ @ccawmu is our name ◦ If you joined during lockdown and you want to change your password please let us know and we can do that.