16 Sep 2021

September 16th, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by Duke

17 people in attendance

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

General Reminders

  • last day to sign up for the engineering expo is 9/17
  • wear masks, how to find your badge
  • Spring graduation application is due soon
  • Spacedog is doing a talk about debugging


  • couple more complications but it should work out

Parkview notices

  • Start thinking about Pi day- events that could happen
  • Chili cookoff is back (supposedly)
  • Funding proposals due October 22nd if needed
    • any ideas for trips or other things


  • Conrad brought us a new webcam!!
  • Game dev class will be about linux for the Spring semester
  • Vote for heat gun and other small miscellaneous items passes


  • Conrad’s work, Electrobit, is looking for a developer for C++, car computers stuff, for graduates, work from home
  • HP(where Spacedog works) is hiring, looking for 2023 graduate
    • mostly in debugging; C, C++, Linux, and Git
  • Charles River(where Zurek works) looking for graduate for full time job
  • If you want someone to look at your resume- career center or other club members

AAPI Fundraiser- November 18th

  • Guest Alaine talked about the fundraiser they are organizing
  • to raise funds for AAPI community and Black Lives Matter
  • selling arts, crafts, computer services
  • cclub asked to create website for the event for vendors to register and list items
    • website done by mid-October
    • asks for a couple representatives to attend meeting with WSA
  • Ask Alu for Alaine’s email if you have any more questions about it


  • If you have one, we will buy it from you, please

Meeting over at 6:20

Dinner @ Wings @ 7:00