13 Jan 2022

Notes taken by Adam

12 people in attendance

First meeting of semester

Covid Updates

Fully vaccinated definition has increased. Students now require booster. Those without require weekly testing. Missing required covid tests will cause student to incur fines. Masks will continue to be worn inside.

Upcoming Job Fairs

Virtual and in person job fairs starting on Feburary 9th. Signups opening January 24th. STEM fair is Febuary 9th. In person is 10am - 1pm. In person fairs held in the Bernhard Center

Denso Practice Interviews

Practice interviews held in the parkview room of Floyd Hall at 1-4PM. Register on Handshake. If spaces are open, Drop-Ins accepted.

Science Olympiad

March 19th is the date. RSO allows students to help plan Science Olympiads for education of Elementary and Middle School kids. Computer Club will be expected to help. Good opportunity for community service.

General Club Info

Not going to dinner after meetings because of covid for further notice. Likely having a pizza party once a month in replacement for dinners. Moving chat and website offsite to avoid issues with Western. Get Dot running again on newer version of Ubuntu.

Synth Parts

Chago still working on getting parts set up for the synths.


Hackathon planning is still ongoing, likely to go around March or April.

Gaming and VR

Looking for Windows keys for 2 gaming computers and may be purchasing VR headset as well.

2230 and Launchpads

2230 is being offered in the summer but there may be launchpad shortages so we may need to buy more before they run out so we can provide for the summer and fall semesters. Sphinx may require a 2230 grader, most likely will end up being alu.

Current bank balance 3388 Paypal has roughly 200 dollars.