27 Jan 2022

21 people in attendance Notes taken by acp_


  • Febuary 9th in the Bernhard Center in the Ballroom from 10am to 1pm, virtual is 3-6pm
  • Employers may be different at both so it may be worth going to both
  • Online requires registration

    Denso coming back

  • Cafe Critque is a good way for resume critiquing
  • Hiring managers will come talk to you about how to make your resume better
  • You will want to bring a printed out version of your resume
  • You can also email your resume to wmuhandshake@wmich.edu and have it reviewed that way
  • In person is generally recommended for better feedback

Career Zone

  • Career zone is open and is good for resume critques
  • They will try to help you find internships or jobs after graduation
  • Always a good idea to get your resume reviewed

Pi Day

  • March 14
  • It is a big fundraiser day for all RSOs through engineering department
  • All money that is donated during that event goes straight to RSO
  • A pie eating contest is also being pushed very heavily
  • There are prizes depending on donations
  • If you know someone who wants to donate please let them know

Student Events

  • Open houses for students that are already incoming to Western.
  • One upcoming one is for Honors College students in particular
  • Scott is out with COVID so we may have a bit of a delay in what we need
  • 1/28 has a bunch of new students, so be nice to them

Western Weekend

  • WMU holding new event on April 2nd, this is a Saturday
  • We don’t really know what it is but we should be prepared to participate, it may be a recruiting event
  • It will be held at the bernhard

Science Olympiad

  • Weekend of March 19
  • Middle and High Schoolers will be taken to Western to do small science projects
  • Our event will be called “WiFi Lab”
  • This is the first time we will be doing this event.
  • You get a free tshirt for showing up and working


  • Kharl is putting together manufacturting plan with Stryker for blacktops
  • These should really help students in 2230
  • We will have to make choice on how many we need to make
  • 80 will be need to cover this semester and summer classes, 140 will be needed for adding fall semester
  • Semi Conducter shortage is making this quite a bit harder than it should be.
  • Many circuit boards have already been made but we need to populate boards with parts
  • There is a lot of decision making that needs to be made in #officers for this decision
  • Stryker has been very useful in this project
  • Stryker is using newer pick and place robots that need a new file format that KiCad does not produce
  • Kharl should be able to send new panel design to Stryker
  • Hopefully Stryker should be able to complete board manufacturing automatically as well.
  • Will need to do another solder party to solder and test boards.


  • We are currently building a modular synth
  • This is an analog synth that is composed of multiple modules to generate music
  • They are generally put into a rack similar to a server, allowing you to hook the signal generators and modifiers together to make interesting sounds
  • We should start putting it together soon.
  • It would be cool to take it to Bronco Bash and show new students music that was made by a machine club built

Lockpick Set

  • Flay will be sending us a new lockpicking kit so we can teach lockpicking again


  • Hosting hackathon in early April


  • We are currently working on migrating chat, vault, website, and wiki.
  • After chat is moved we will wipe dot, allowing us to host other stuff using the machine
  • Waiting for ccawmu.org domain transfer from typo, for now he can manually enter DNS records
  • Migration is going to server on Linode instead of locally.
  • We may be able to request money from school to pay for costs.

Linux Install Party

  • Next week we will be doing a Linux install party.
  • This is a very good idea for any students in 2230 or 3240
  • This is a good idea for any other students that are not in 2230 or 3240 as well.