02 Mar 2022

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February 3, 2022

Science Olympiad

  • We will be doing Wifi lab for the Science Olympiad
  • We will figure out what we need to do and make sure it gets done

Grader for CS 5800

  • Class taught by Dr. DeDoncker
  • Class is theory and foundations.
  • They are currently looking for a student grader, prefereably someone that has already taken the class
  • Get in touch with Dr. DeDoncker or Michelle Hasting if you are interested.

Computer Club Merch

  • Link in Chat for logo design responses
  • Currently working at getting Tshirts and Hoodies
  • If you have any input or feedback please respond in the Google Form
  • Currently this is just a prototype and all these are stock images
  • According to Sphinx new design is a bit cleaner, likely with the same banner however
  • Designer has the files for the blacktop boards so the circuit board design may come from those traces
  • Current quote is 200 dollars, this may change.


  • G’kar has put in the orders for the blacktops
  • We had to put in order quickly cause the price has been rising steadily over the previous few days
  • Blacktop parts should be in transit to parkview now
  • This puts our bank account at 1830 dollars along with 1000 dollars in PayPal


  • We have permission to host in the Bernhard center on April 8th to April 9th, going 6pm to 6pm.
  • There will be a meeting tommorow February 4th at 6:30pm discussing the planning of the hackathon.