24 Mar 2022

March 24 2022

Minutes taken by acp

WSA Elections

  • WSA elections coming up.
  • If you would like to vote, the deadline is approaching.

Giving Day

  • April 13, 24 hour event
  • Donations to RSOs are encouraged
  • We have not yet received link for computer club donations
  • Money comes straight to us, does not go to Western
  • College with most unique donors gets large sum of money for Western.
  • Unique donor is defined as one individual

RSO Fair

  • April 2nd
  • Admitted student event
  • Noon to 3PM in front of Sangren
  • Encourage new incoming students, and current students, to join the Computer Club
  • Lots of RSOs will be present, come hang out or check out the RSOs


  • Capture the flag this weekend
  • 25th through the 27th.
  • CTF for Wolverine Security Conference
  • Being hosted by UofM
  • Check #ctf on chat to get involved, good way to learn


  • Hackathon is almost done
  • Deliberation tommorow for WSA

RSO Awards

  • RSO awards on ExperienceWMU
  • Can nominate RSO of the year, advisor of the year, member of the year


  • Elections coming up soon
  • Last meeting on 21st of April
  • Nominations will be on the 7th
  • Will need Secretary, VP, President, Treasurer, VP of Finance, perhaps some other members if we have excessive people
  • RSO will be registered again after the election

Blood Drive

  • Blood Drive is for engineering college, on April 6th
  • 10am - 3pm in the A and B student study areas on the bottom floor of Parkview
  • Students highly encouraged to donate blood.


  • We will probably be fixing up street fighter cabinet to bring out to Bronco Bash and recruitment events
  • Will need to vote on costs for this, probably want to do this before semester ends so everyone can vote.

New Server Rack

  • Small server rack available from Computer Science Department
  • No one wants it
  • Much nicer than the one we currently use, we may be able to take this new one
  • New one is a lot smaller than our current one to take up less space, more portable, looks nicer