31 Mar 2022

March 31, 2022

Minutes taken by acp

6 people in attendance

No More Covid Testing

  • Covid Testing has been closed indefinetly.
  • No longer required to get covid tested every week.
  • Masks are only required in classrooms and instructional rooms

CS Undergrad Scholarships

  • CS Undergrad Scholarships are still open for a few days
  • Could be some easy money

Pview Study Lounge

  • Parkview study lounges have new furniture
  • Please fill out the survey, it’s someones senior design project


  • New stickers are in
  • They will be at the hackathon if you would like to pick them up there

CTF Top 50

  • Completed top 50 in UofMs Ctf
  • Good job alu on getting most of the points


  • Hackathon schedule is complete
  • Doors will be locked 11pm to 7am
  • Kahrl and Sphinx will be staying overnight on the Bernhards Request

Jobs + Talks

  • Check WMU email, Dr. Gupta has been sending some out regarding jobs and talks
  • Job was at Upjohn
  • Gupta has PDF regarding the talks

Western Weekend

  • Western weekend is this Saturday.
  • acp will be working the table.
  • It’s a recruiting event, RSO fair for admitted students.
  • Was supposed to be outside, but it will be 40 and rainy so we don’t really know what’s going on with that.

Day of Giving

  • April 13th is day of giving.
  • Each RSO is given designation for donations, non of the money goes to Western
  • Looking to get as many possible unique donors.
  • College that gets the most unique donors gets large sum of prize money afterwards.


  • Elections are coming up soon
  • We will need nominations first.
  • Elections will be the last meeting of the semester, the meeting before finals week.
  • April 21st will be election day.