27 Oct 2022

Minutes for Oct 6th 2022 Minutes taken by Ming

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Register for Classes

Already started for Seniors, Juniors, RAs, etc Make sure you have no holds on your account

Last day to take a w

Last chance to withdraw is due on the 31st Monday


We have an official date (March 25-26) booked at the Bernhard Center.

Bernhard won’t be demolished until they get an actual replacement for the ballrooms that were available on this building (rumours).

We are going to try and reach out the Major League Hacking and KVCC to get more people and we’ll be more organized this time.

We will need websites set up, go to the hackathons channel if you want to help. There is more info there.

New Student Center

Apparently, it’s going to open up at Fall and Spring. He’s gonna have a couple of gamerooms and stuff.

New Servers

New servers are now plugged into the internet and the DNS, we can SSH into them this time. A lot of cores and a lot of RAM.

We are going to migrate the chatroom into the servers and other stuff.

WSA Voting HOsting

Adam made a secret deal. WSA will use cclub’s voting system for their voting affairs as well which will be deployed into our new servers.