03 Nov 2022

Minutes for Oct 6th 2022 Minutes taken by Ming

alu, ming, estlin, adam, hammer, chago, hoken?, girrocks,zureks, 2 new people?

Course Registration

Started already, start registering for classes Open for everyone already

SWE Candle Fundraiser

They are holding a fundraiser with the Kalamazoo Candle Company. Discount Code is WSWE

Cyber Girls Event (12/12)

Starting at 7.30 am, let alu know since she needs to let Scott know how many people would like to volunteer. You do need a background check though.

Student Donation Drive

Not for this college, but for Melwood Public School. They have a list of what you could probably donate. Buy something small like a box of crayons for the kids.


March 25-26th Sat & Sun, be there. Acp is already working with WSA and he has started a collab with Major League Hacking. Everyone is welcome to come, but only those who are enrolled that are allowed to compete. You can still make something though!

Makerspace Tour

Take a visit & do a tour there.


Eat at HopCat at 7.30