10 Nov 2022

Minutes for Nov 10th 2022 Minutes taken by Ming

alu, acp, ming, hammer, laziz, blip, kv, karhl, chago, jeon?, hoboken?, 3 more students, estlin, girrocks, ohaimark,

SWE Fundraiser

Until the 22nd, buy candles from the Kalamazoo Candle Company! This fundraiser is so they can take more people to the SWE Conference.


We should start a committee to run the voting stuff for the WSA. Acp would be the chair, might need more members to fill it in.

Innovation Expo

Little kids come to present their ideas of a product. They need judges for the event, contact Alu if you want to be a judge.

Friday Dec 2nd at noon, free food

Finals Party

The week before the finals, study party with everyone else at the CS department, donuts & pizza. Come to study & help each other for your finals.

Thursday of that week would be game night. Play card games together. Friday of that week would be the study party itself.

Invisible Need Project

They are taking donations & would like volunteers. You can also come to get food & pantry items when you need it.


March 25-26th!!!! Will try to get other students outside of Western involved.

Science Olympiad

We are district 13 & 14. We are going to also host the state finals next year then hold the national state finals the year after that.