19 Jan 2023

Minutes for Jan 19th, 2023

Minutes taken by crosstangent

Members in attendance: crosstangent, alu, acp, caligula, estlin, chago, zathras, kahrl + 2 others

Deadline for Graduation

Anyone who is graduating in June, August, or December must apply for graduation by 02/01. Note that a fee of $50 applies.

Admitted Student Events

On 02/3, 02/10, 02/24, 03/24, 04/1 (Saturday), 04/14, WMU is hosting admitted student events. Dr. Carr will be donating $1000 and the Office of Student Engagement will donate another $300, both donations provisional on Club attending all events.

Spring Engineering Expo

The Spring Engineering Expo will be happening on 02/08 at the Bernhard Center. Opportunites abound for students who attend.

Google Developer Student Club

The Google Developer Student Club is having an Info Session on 01/20 at 18:30 in Room 204 of the Bernhard Center.

Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week is from 02/20 to 02/24. Self Care night will be on 02/22.

Possible Travel Events

There will be additional admitted student events on 03/18 and 04/05 separate to the events described above. Currently, Club is not slated to have any representatives in attendance, but we might be asked to in the future.


We will be voting on the new constitution next week. All members are encouraged to attend and cast their vote.

Class Visits

A Google Sheets is available for anyone who is available to promote Club. If anyone can speak at a class, sign up. 02/02 will be our “first meeting,” which is what we will be promoting.


MSPs will be sold in sphinx’s class next Thursday at $50 each, covering costs to Club. Anyone who purchases an MSP now will have a Blacktop freely provided to them when available. The Club account has $4207.04 ($3140.45 PNC, $1066.59 PayPal). This balance includes estlin’s snack purchases on 01/18.

Board Games

Club will be hosting board games (organized by estlin and crosstangent) every Wednesday night from 19:00 until done (expected ~21:00).

Science Olympiad

A vote was conducted and $120 was allocated to purchase equipment to run the WiFi Lab for Science Olympiad. Club can expect to be reimbursed at a future date.

New Projects

alu and aerospice have floated ideas for constructing a tabletop arcade cabinet. Funds could be required, although none will be allocated at this point.

Other members are encouraged to come forward with ideas of their own.


We haven’t taken a snapshot of yakko in quite a while. There will be planned downtime this evening to reboot it.