26 Jan 2023

Minutes for Jan 26th, 2023

Minutes taken by crosstangent

Members in attendance: crosstangent, alu, acp, caligula, estlin, chago + 4 others


We read the constitution two weeks ago, and now it’s time to vote. The vote passes unanimously. Immediately, a new amendment is proposed to fix a few minor typos in the amended constitution, invoking the clause that allows superficial amendments without going through the standard process. This vote also passes unanimously.


We sold MSPs to sphinx’s class, leaving the remaining stock in sphinx’s office to sell as needed. Blacktops will be given out to anyone who purchased an MSP as they become available.

Admitted Student Events

The first Admitted Student Event is next Friday. A few people are needed to staff the table.

Science Olympiad

estlin ordered everything needed for Science Olympiad, which is now in a box in the Club room. kahrl has volunteered to put everything together.

Club has also been asked to help run the State Wi-Fi lab competition in April.

Class Visits

sphinx has confirmed we can attend his classes to promote Club. The expectation is that most other professors will also agree to have someone speak.

Board Game Nights

Reminder: board game nights will be hosted every Wednesday night at 19:00 in the Club room.

Forgotten Notebook

If you have misplaced a blue notebook with Physics homework in it, it is in the Club room.