09 Feb 2023

Minutes for Feb 9th, 2023

Minutes taken by crosstangent

Members in attendance: crosstangent, alu, acp, estlin, aerospice, kahrl, rezenee, girrockss, jeon, rlilleyman, +3 others

Student Event

There will be an admitted student event tomorrow (02/10) from 13:00-15:00. If anyone is free tomorrow morning to help move the arcade cabinet to Parkview, we need to get that done by 12:30. High school students who have been admitted to Western will be attending, looking to see if Western is a good fit.

CEAS Food Drive

Running until 02/14. For every $5 an individual donates, they receive an entry to win a $500 scholarship. Non-perishable food items are also accepted, although money is preferred. If anyone wishes to donate, go to the front desk in Parkview.

Employer Night Dinner

Happening on 02/21 if anyone is interested. It costs $15 to attend. Talk to alu or speak up in #officers for more information.

IT Disruption

90% of systems are back online, including the ability to perform password resets (everyone is required to change their password). If anyone needs help, contact IT support.

Board Game night

Hosted on Tuesdays at 19:00. Talk to estlin or crosstangent for more information.

Computer Club Merch

All merch (hoodies, t-shirts, crop-tops, mugs, etc.) is available for purchase. Check our Linktree for more information.

Buying Parts for Good Fets

Adam is requesting $160 to sponsor his senior design project as part of redesigning the Blactops provided to CS2230. The vote passed unanimously.

New Security Requirements

We’ve communicated with OIT regarding our servers and the Service Disruption. alu had to hand over proof to Chris Rand that no one attempted to access Club servers. This involved no extensive or invasive information being released.

We will be required to add Microsoft Defender for Linux to all our servers at some point. The timeline for this process is currently undefined.

Guest Speaker

We had Dr. Chad Edwards from the Communication and Social Robotics Labs. He is introducing a new minor in User Experience and Human-Computer Interaction.

  • 18 hours with no prerequisites.
  • Looking for students with computer skills.
  • Courses are split between “Communication & Technology” and “Interaction Studies.”

As part of the minor, there will be the opportunity to work in the Communication and Social Robotics Labs.