16 Feb 2023

Minutes for Feb 16th, 2023

Minutes taken by crosstangent

Members in attendance: crosstangent, alu, estlin, acp, cade, samthesaxman, girrockss, flay, rlilleyman

Fall Registration

Fall registration starts 03/13 for Seniors and Master’s students.

Tour Guides Needed

On 02/20 from 13:00 to 15:00, Parkview needs tour guides to help guide people around the building. No experience is needed, and members of the Lee Honors College can count it for the volunteering requirement.

Scence Olympiad

03/18 will be Science Olympiad if anyone wishes to come and help. Tau Beta Pi needs help with with their event because it involves microcontrollers and they don’t have anyone who is knowledgable enough to do it themselves, which means that Club needs additional people to help run its event.

RSO Websites

There are a few RSOs (incl. Engineers Without Borders, Sunseeker) who want help building their websites.

Bites for Broncos

Ended on 02/14. They raised ~$2800 in donations. The Chemical and Paper Engineering Department made the largest donation, won the $500 bonus and donated it back to the Invisible Need Project, bringing the total to ~$3300.

Mental Health Week

Next week is mental health week from 02/20-02/24.

Counselling at Parkview

Every other Wednesday from 10:30-11:30 starting on 02/22, counselling services will be available at Parkview. Private rooms to converse in are available upon request.

Board Game Night

Hosted on Tuesdays at 19:00. Talk to estlin or crosstangent for more information.

Student Event

The next addmitted student event is on 02/24. Club is in room C219 at Parkview.