25 Jan 2024

Minutes for Computer Club meeting on November 2, 2023

Minutes taken by hammer.


  • crosstangent
  • hammer
  • spectro
  • fet
  • bmo
  • caligula
  • rezenee
  • girrockss
  • hoken
  • estlin
  • kahrl

WMU info

Summer schedule

They're LIVE now

admitted Student Event

first one on the second of febuary
all on fridays except for the weird one in april

cclub business

Class visits

Thank you for the people who have done them 

Outreach at GR museam

Feb 15th from 9 AM to 3 PM, Scott has asked us to participate
nothing is provided
we will probably not be doing it

what logo

We are using the crow logo on the banner at parkview

Science olympiad prep

March 16th is when it's happening mark it on your calenders

Makerspace tour

happening tonight
you can get upgraded memberships for running shell scripts or pther things like that 

Board games

Mondays at 6 


No dinner this week