01 Feb 2024

Computer Club at WMU meeting minutes for February

Minutes taken by estlin.


  • estlin
  • crosstangent
  • rezenee
  • girrockss
  • hoken
  • caligula
  • acp
  • alu
  • cade
  • sphinx
  • rober
  • nik
  • fet
  • poisson
  • 3 new people!

WMU Info

WMU 2 Detroit

Wednesday, February 28. Details to come.

Admitted Student Events

First one is 11:30 to 4:00 tomorrow (Feb 2).

Future ones will be at the same times on Feb 16, March 15, March 22, April 12, and April 13.

CClub Stuff

Book Club

Classic Papers of Computer Science and

Board games

Mondays at 6pm in Kohrman 2225

Science Olympiad

March 16, will need a head count of volunteers sometime in next 2 weeks because we will have to do some training. Alumni are welcome to help with training. The lab will be about making salt water solutions and test the concentrations of them.

Computer Crimes

Talk given next week by alu. There may be dinner afterwards.


March 23-24. Don’t know exact location yet. More details to come. Talks from spacedog, possibly flay?

Free pizza