22 Feb 2024

Computer Club at WMU meeting minutes for February 22nd

Minutes taken by hammer.


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WMU Info

Admitted Student Events More coming up One on march 15th

Science olympiad March 16th We do not need to do much

CClub Stuff

Re-Keying Delayed another week

Hackathon space in Kohrman 24 hour hackathon time TBD

Upcomming events Hackathon March 23rd-24th Sebastian has a game theory talk after the break

Free Software

Talk by Reznee

What is a computer it excecutes instructions, thats it

What is a program A set of instructions Binary code & source code you can modify the source computer reads binary

Control to control the computer you must control the programs

What is free Free implies liberty freedom

Free v proprietary if software is free you can control it if its proprietary you cannot

4 levels of freedom
    freedom to run 
    freedom to inspect and modify source 
    Freedom to share software
    freedom to share a modified program 

0 and 1 protect individual freedom while 2 and 3 give freedom to distribute

Free != open source
    free is owning and controlling and modifing 
    wheras open source is the argument that opsn source is better since everyone can be modified 

non free software corrupts
    if you write non free software you control users
    inspires people to create malware

    software that hurts other people 
    Malware is not just makwar

Missing features the only thing open source worries about if free has a bug you can fix it if a software is not free you cannot fix anything

Knowledge the crux of the free software movement the more people know the better they can be

gnu project started by richard stallman in 1984 wanted to make a free operating system

gnu inux Gnu needed a kernal and linux was that kernal

Not just the OK its everything that it runs on as well the internet is also a problem

Intel managment engine its a chip in your CPU can read all memory, access network more privleged than any software its not free

Kibreboot used to free boot firware/ IME its a distro of coreboot

Practical considerations install gnu linux slowely replace non free servies You will have to have some sacrafices Be an advocate for the free software movement

Dinner at wings