08 Feb 2024

Computer Club at WMU meeting minutes for February

Minutes taken by hammer.


crosstangent rezenee king hammer zathras sphinx keysboard tinkieslayer alu acp patty gir flay typo phet

WMU Info

summer registration open now

Reach out to stevie

volunteer for scott this saturday 10-2 scot needs 4 people to help with kid wind event

CClub Stuff

Book club every other wednesday classic white papers in CS & the dark forest

Board Games Board games on mondays


Date march 23rd and 24th

Location we do not know, maybe sangren, maybe kohrmen

Funding must provide a list of student members, full names, and expected grad dates send name, email, grad date to crosstangen goal: 31 people Deadline: 9th of this month

Vault Re-Keying

is you use vault it may go down

computer crimes

talk by alu what is computer crim using a computer to do illegal things

Laws title 18 computer fraud and abuse act

terms Protect computer without authorization: not defined Exceeds auth acces: insiders mesing with stuff they shouldn’t

cases moris worm aron schwartz

moris worm robert moris created the first internet worm only targeted a specific version of unix released november 2nd 1988 at MiT 6,000 computers in 24 hours 1/10th internet infected 1 in every 7 times the flag hits a computer it gets reinfected worm that fork bombed a computer us government thought there was an attack used send net and finger for us programs (and gets)

united states v moris his friend called the NY times and told them asked how much trouble he would get in he was tracked down with finger

what did moris do he intentionally accessed a computer and damaged it causing over a million in damage the court argued he did not intentionally caused damage the court argued that he had been given access to university computers moris was convicted and given community service a fine and probation

Erin Schwartz reddit, markdown and other stuff guy arrested for breaking into an unlocked network closet at MiT

Whats the crime he created a program to scrape articles he used burner laptops and used the mit network he also made ghost accounts that specific MiT IP got banned of of Jstore eventually all MiT network banned from Jstore they arrested him

civil suite aron would return everything to Jstore state charges and suite droped

federal pros wire fraud, computer fraud, damaging a protected computer ofered a lot of plea deals not looking good for erin he got a second lawer who got him slightly better

preposed reform define the terms so they cannot be misused three part proposal no prision time for terms of service violation protect tinkers, researchers and others punishment should fit the crime supremem court clarified exceeds access DOJ now protects good faith research prosecuters must check in with CCIPS before computer crime

Dinner at wings