01 Feb 1996

Computer Club Minutes of the Meeting 2/1/96 </p><p> Members present: Tim Miley, Jay Ball, Steve Sedore, John Maile, Bryan Newcastle, Chris Meshkin, Nick Reid, Scott Riblet, Matt Mace. </p><p> 1) Hard drive Found hard drive. Which one do we want? Western Dig. or Seagate? Western Digital was chosen. Jay will order the drive. This drive is a 1.6G drive. </p><p> 2) Keys Nelson ok’d keys. Keys must be returned by the end of the semester. They are on order now. They will be at DPS within 5 business days. We may use floater keys. The secretary agreed to check it out from the CS office. </p><p> 3) Timer Who to write to? OSL and homecoming committee. </p><p> 4) Map Tim talked to Reza Rashidi and he is interested in helping. Also called Campus Planning. No topographical map available. We may try campus planning maps. Tim will check with Geography to see if they have topo map. Has anyone been playing with pov. </p><p> 5) Meeting with Care-a-van at 5:30 We will be leaving office at 4:50 pm. We must arrive by 5:30. This is a simple meeting to take a look at what needs to be done. Steve, Tim, Nick, and Bryan will be attending. </p><p> 6) Money roll $66 to be deposited. Now in safe keeping. </p><p> 7) Party at Jay’s Jay will have a party on this Friday at 8:00 PM. Talk to Jay for directions. </p><p> 8) Need pop </p><p> 9) Phone bill Local calls $15. Tim suggested a box for $0.10 for all non-CCLUB related local calls. Will find out if a cell phone is cheaper!!! </p><p> 10) Educable advertising Educable offers help for 5 minute promo video. We might want to use for raytracing project. </p><p> 11) Memory or new motherboard Chris suggested a new motherboard rather than memory. It would improve our speed and cost a lot less. </p><p> 12) Adjournment at 6:40 pm. </p><p> </p>