22 Feb 1996

Computer Club Meeting minutes for 2/22/96 </p><p> Members present: Tim Miley, Jake Kalley, Steven Sedore, Nick Reid, Matt Mace, Lara Conapinski, Darron Christian, Scott Riblet, and Chris Meshkin. </p><p> 1) Care-a-van We agreed that we will not be able to continue the project until after school is back in session, due to project member conflicts. </p><p> 2) Motherboard DX4-120 available from strange named place costs $180. We will ask for 512k of cache. We could also try safer suppliers for larger companies. PC Importers and Global are good. Hard drive cost ~$300. Tim says we have about $1000 in the bank, so we should have enough money to purchase the motherboard. Safer retailers would cost about $250. We would like to upgrade the motherboard at the same time as the hard drive. We voted to purchase the motherboard. </p><p> 3) Chicago Trip When? Chris says that we have usually had the trip on Good Friday, which is problematic due to proximity to finals. Tentative date is March 30. Finances: The club pays money for transportation costs, food, parking. Attractions include Battletech, Field museum, Oriental Institute (U of Chi), Museum of Science and Industry. </p><p> 4) Status on Pinky We will order the transceiver for $25. We will have to get an address for Pinky and others, but this requires Ken’s help. I will send a message asking if it will be possible to get the names available sometime next week. Today, we are reloading the hard drive and upgrading the beast. </p><p> 5) vt 52/61 Terminals Only two working. Others are in various states of malfunction. Anyone who wants to tinker with them or use them for parts should claim them ASAP. We will discard them within two weeks. The two that are working do not work well. They, too, might go. 1200 baud and 300 baud modems also available, also presumably heading for dumpster. </p><p> 6) Pop Anyone who notices a special on NON-DIET pop should pick some up and bring it to the CCLUB office. Bring a receipt to Tim so you can be reimbursed. </p><p> 7) Adjournement Adjourned at 6:48. </p><p> </p>