07 Mar 1996

Computer Club Minutes of the Meeting for 3/7/96 </p><p> Members present: Tim Miley, Nick Reid, Scott Riblet, John Maile, Steve Sedore, Bryan Newcastle. </p><p> 1) Grainne Matthew’s project Project involves seeing how subjects detect defective parts in 70 minutes duration. The speed of the activity determines how paid. Paid for each correct screen. The program has to allow the subject to play game for 5 minutes. Program probably needs to be done on Windows or Unix environments, unless Mac is possible. Programmer will be responsible for making the program that stops the simulation periodically to offer to let the subject play the game. The game must play for either 5 minutes, or until the subject stops the game. Interested programming students may contact Grainne Matthews at 349-2314. </p><p> 2) Phone Bryan asks if we should kill the phone. Tim wants to know what the station charges are, which are the bulk of the phone bill, at $119. John agreed to check with Telecommunications to find out what the station charges are and how often we will be charged. </p><p> 3) Elections Looking for victims for CCLUB officers. Pres & VP position requires a full time student. Other officer positions require student status. Next year’s election nominations will start at this meeting and next meeting. The election will take place the following week (March 21st). Nominations: Tim Miley - president, Chris Meshkin - VP of software or other, Steve Sedore - secretary, Darron Christian - VP of hardware. </p><p> 4) Care-a-Van Nick and Bryan are not available this weekend. Need to finish Novell and software installation. </p><p> 5) IP addresses Need names for addresses and how many addresses we need. Names pinky and brain are for AT&T 3b2s. We decided on 6 addresses for machines (future use). </p><p> 6) Tape backup We need to export file systems to nyssa to allow for backup. Someone (Chris?) will have to decide what needs to be exported so that Ken can mount it. </p><p> 7) Adjournment Adjourned at 6:52 pm. </p><p> </p>