14 Mar 1996

Computer Club Meeting Minutes March 14, 1996 </p><p> Members present: Nick Reid, Tim Miley, Paul Miller, Bryan Newcastle, Fred Damstra, John Beimler, Chris Meshkin, Darron Christian. </p><p> 1) Black Business Students Association Sent mail to all student orgs telling students about their 2nd annual Entrepreneur day on Saturday, March 23rd from 12-4. It is oriented to giving students information about starting their own businesses. </p><p> 2) Care-a-van Bryan cannot make weekend Care-a-van on Saturday. Nick says he will go if someone else is going. We have to talk to Steve to see if he will attend. Tim cannot make it. </p><p> 3) Addresses We need names for the machines. Pinky, Brain, Slappy, Wiley, coredump, and lenny. Backup name for lenny: segfault, spam, </p><p> 4) Officers? </p><p> 5) POV project Tim says “what do you want?” Bryan suggests that we could get the whole file. We decided to ask Campus Planning what would be easier for them. </p><p> 6) Pine concerns Should we keep pine? Tim says he will look for an alternative mail program so that the whiners will be silenced. Chris argued that pine takes up twice as much system memory than elm. </p><p> 7) Linux announcement Linux has achieved posix 1.0 certification and is now a legitimate operating system. </p><p> 8) Adjournment We sort of drifted away at 6:50 PM. </p><p> </p>