05 Sep 1996

Minutes: Sept 5, 1996

1. Members at meeting: Steve Sedore, Tim Miley, Chris Meshkin, Lara, Amy, Lee, Carissa, Don, Skeeter, Don, Jake, Darron.

2. Reminiscing about last meeting. Thinking about getting a committee together to get started on as many plans/projects as possible. Those interested, contact Tim Miley or meet Friday Sept 6, 1996 at 5:00 in the office.

3. Office hours were tentatively established. Will be posted at the door.

4. Soap box derby timer. Will be sending a nicely worded letter to the office of student life to ask them if they would want it. If so, come get it.

5. Contemplating other things to sell besides pop. If you have any ideas please get in touch with either Tim or Steve. Some ideas: spam, chips computer disks, candy bars, gum, chia pets, chia whatever.

6. Hardware updates: a. Thinking about acquiring a rewritable CD drive. Price estimates around $700-800. Thinking about using one of the skeleton systems around the office as a dedicated system to run the drive. b. Also, possibly looking for a laser printer. c. Will be attending the upcoming computer swap meet in hopes of finding a pentium based system.

7. Meeting ended 6:37 pm.