05 Sep 1996

</p><p> Minutes: Sept 5, 1996 </p><p>

  1. Members at meeting: Steve Sedore, Tim Miley, Chris Meshkin, Lara, Amy, Lee, Carissa, Don, Skeeter, Don, Jake, Darron. </p><p>
  2. Reminiscing about last meeting. Thinking about getting a committee together to get started on as many plans/projects as possible. Those interested, contact Tim Miley or meet Friday Sept 6, 1996 at 5:00 in the office. </p><p>
  3. Office hours were tentatively established. Will be posted at the door. </p><p>
  4. Soap box derby timer. Will be sending a nicely worded letter to the office of student life to ask them if they would want it. If so, come get it. </p><p>
  5. Contemplating other things to sell besides pop. If you have any ideas please get in touch with either Tim or Steve. Some ideas: spam, chips computer disks, candy bars, gum, chia pets, chia whatever. </p><p>
  6. Hardware updates: a. Thinking about acquiring a rewritable CD drive. Price estimates around $700-800. Thinking about using one of the skeleton systems around the office as a dedicated system to run the drive. b. Also, possibly looking for a laser printer. c. Will be attending the upcoming computer swap meet in hopes of finding a pentium based system. </p><p>
  7. Meeting ended 6:37 pm. </p><p>