12 Sep 1996

Computer Club Minutes: Sept 11,1996

1. Members at meeting: steve, tim, chris, jake, darron, lara, nick, darren, ian, kim, beth, skeeter.

2. Guest speakers... Possibly Terrance Mckenna, Bob Metcalf, maybe...Any one else? Comments welcome, suggestions encouraged. Sherry Steele declined.

3. Student Budget allocation commity meeting. Project ideas are needed.

4. Online magazine: Any one interested in working on the project, or have any input, contact Craig@yakko

5. Tim put Citadel on wakko. Interested in the club putting out a BBS. Contact Tim if interested in putting this together.

6. Office hours: Still have spaces left for people to cover. Key situation...sharing. The key will be placed in the computer science office in Friedman for checking out.

7. Money: Put a huge deposit into checking account. Put a extremely large payment for the phone in the office...$200.00. Ouch!

8. CDR-Nick strongly proposed for the purchase of a CDR drive in light of the amount of money in computer club bank account.

9. Food: New food in the office to accompany the sale of pop. The items and prices will be placed on the C-Club's Web page.

10. Computer show this Saturday: Looking for 2 hard drives, 2 drive controllers, Pentium 100, 16 meg simm. SCSI board.

11. Meeting ended...6:20 pm