19 Sep 1996

Computer Club Minutes: Sept 19,1996

1. Members present: steve, tim, darron, jake, lara, amy, john, ian, chris

2. Computer status: -Purchased pentium 100 processor and 2 hard drives IDE from the computer show last week Saturday...STill tinkering with them. -DOT's monitor has finally kicked the bucket.

3. Projects: -Investigating various BBS programs for a future C-Club BBS. Currently we have Citadel. Those interested in programming or ideas for the BBS are welcome to provide input. Anyone willing to play around with C code for the BBS let Tim know. -Looking for people to play around with Conquer 5.

4. Computer Club Constitution: -Last modification was 1986. One possible addition will be the compensation for those involved with bringing in revenue for the Computer Club. For this and any other revisions, a committee will be formed in attempt to update the constitution.

5. The machine/refrigerator formally know as Pinky will be going on a permanent vacation ASAP.

6. Meeting ended 6:30 pm.