03 Oct 1996

Computer Club Minutes: Oct 3, 1996

1. Members present: steve, tim, chris, darron, darron, ian, jake, lara, jay, kim.

2. BBS team projects for Citadel: 1. Doorway program 2. Ansi color 3. Chat feature 4. User manuals 5. Misc. Anyone with any input/ideas contact Tim Miley or the project leader Darron Slocum.

3. The soap box derby timer is leaving, finally, as soon as someone can carry it over to the homecoming committee at the Birdcage.

4. Publicity: Need individuals to go hang up posters and/or make up advertisements for the C-Club. Contact Tim.

5. Retracing project: Any who wants an account on GROG2, for the C-Club, to work on a POV type, walk through campus, project contact Tim.

6. New business: There will be a computer show at the Fair Grounds this Saturday. Buyer beware!!! 7. Meeting ended 6:25 pm