17 Apr 1997

Members present: Ian, Steve, Darrons, Jay, Tim, Craig (Charles from the Herald present and taking notes)

a THIRD Herald article! Makes us look clever, makes WMU look like the clowns they are.

We are still missing one officer, fail to the lack of quorum.

Dennis Huppertz, prospective member, asked to serve as treasurer

“Point of order” by Tim: How can we elect Dennis constitutionally?

“point of information” by Jay: a second meeting can be issued after the first! Dennis is nominated for treasurer by Steve, seconded unanimously

also take into account newly nominated officials for 1997 offices

The old business account (Old Kent) has to be emptied out and terminated. An account already exists at First Community Credit Union. We need to take Jay’s name off the account, contact Bryan Newcastle regarding the Old Kent account. Whose name should we have on the new account? President, VP, or treasurer?

Dr. Trenary needs a case and working power supply. If anyone has any equipment or information please extend Dr. Trenary every courtesy, because he’s the one who donated coredump/wiley to us.

James Newscastle has a bunch of VaxStation 3100’s for the club’s disposal (13 of them). Jay votes to sell them to UCC (anything to turn a profit).

Darron is still working on the letter to Dr. Light, head of provost.

There will be no meeting till next fall semseter. The issue of the public key being missing is still a sore point and not resolved. We may have to replace the core – $75.00 to replace core and $25.00 for five keys…

A suggestion was made that the CClub phone directory and office number be in the WMU directory.

Bronco Bash coming up!!! Do we want to sell stuff, demonstrate, or both? We’ll need new membership forms printed up, perhaps with a capsulized summary of our webpage woes. Should have a current list of everything we offer members – Jay says we need new motherboard (P166?) for Yakko ‘cause we’re hitting processor loads. Still have gobs of diskspace and RAM. Webmaster should make a web-based FORM for folks to fill out and e-mail, print, whatever.

Resolution by Tim: Reconcile with WSA and have fair election process…

Jay is selling his SGI Indigo! Going for $1800.00.

Meeting started 6:07, ended 6:34. Pasta la hasta, baby.

Members present: Jay, Darren, Darron, Ian, Tim, Steve, Craig, Dennis (Charles from the Herald again present)

Candidates for Treasurer, meeting to be voted on.

D. Slocum, T. Miley, Dominic, Dennis Huppertz

Much hilarity and dragging up of dirty laundry. Allegations of lack of drug use on the part of Mr. Slocum. Momentary aside when Mr. Slocum distracted attention by asking what happened to the missing ceiling tile.

Jay moves to close discussion on nominees, seconded by Steve. Call for election of Treasurer:

D. Huppertz – all ayes, Jay abstains

Steve concurs, Dennis is now Treasurer

Now we have a full executive board present, and we can have an… EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING! (if we wanted to)

meeting began 6:35, ended 6:44. let’s hear it for efficiency